AEI can provide Construction Services to help your company from the very beginning of your project; Starting with designing electrical systems that not only are efficient, but also meet the latest NEC codes and NFPA 70 regulations.  We have designed and installed Automation systems for projects, such as designing installing and starting up a Robotic Transfer System for a manufacturing plant. This project included designing the electrical power and control system from the Utility Power feed, down to the Control System Cabinet and the control system devices.

This included Primary Power and Control System, as well as the Communications Backbone and End Devices. AEI has designed and installed the electrical and control systems for steam generators, water purification plants with over 300,000 barrels of daily capacity, and power distribution systems up to 112,000 volts for Oilfield and Industrial applications. AEI also designs and installs Solar Power Systems, including On-Grid and Off-Grid installations, saving thousands of dollars in electrical utility costs.